How tight are your hip flexors?

Hip flexors stabilize and support your lower back, while at the same time letting you lift your legs. Most exercises strengthen your hip flexors in a shortened, flexed position without building strength during extension.

This leaves them tight, which causes injury and discomfort. If you sit a lot, your hip flexors will get tight and then your back will hurt. When the hip flexors are tight, you'll start feeling pain in your joints and sluggishness in your movement.

Lunges: Painful for your knees, Easy to hurt your lower back, You might be stretching the wrong muscles, Difficult to build strength or stability, Tough to balance.

Gravity Flexor gives you BOTH fully relaxed, passive stretches AND active isometric stretches for faster results and less pain sooner.
  1. The Gravity Flexor targets your hip flexors while protecting your knees and back.

  2. Stretch your hip flexors while lying on your back so you have no pressure on your knees. 

  3. Gravity Flexor keeps your back safe by holding your hips at the proper angle.

  4. Get the resistance you need to build strength during extension.


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Hear from our friends:

“With two bulging discs and a job that keeps me bending and lifting, my hip flexors invariably tighten which rotates my pelvis and compress the disc. That’s when I get the classic duck walk and the pain sets in. It used to take therapy to stretch my flexors and align my back. Now I do it at home with the Gravity Flexor, my back is happy and so is my wallet.”
-Mark, Mechanic


“I spend a lot of time in a crouched position so my hip flexors can get really tight. Gravity Flexor does a great job of releasing the tension. I have it attached to my bed so I use it every night!”
-Donasia, Jujitsu



Hear from Professionals:

“I’m always looking for techniques or products that will help my clients deal with tight hips. I was skeptical at first but once I tried it I really saw the potential. I recommend Gravity Flexor to all my clients with hip problems now.”
-Jim, Physical Therapist

“It’s so easy to attach this to my massage table! I use it in between sessions and recommend it to clients with tight hips.”
-Neill, Massage Therapist